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Games about Children Born of War

"My Child Lebensborn"

  • For over two years, a team in Norway has been working on developing a mobile game that aims to tell the story of what happened to the Norwegian Lebensborn children after WW2. They are also making a documentary film that will be finished next summer. They are working with the Lebensborn children in order to create a representative story. The game is now almost ready, and they wish to give our network the opportunity to play the beta version and give feedback on the experience. Their hope is that the game can serve as a good way of communicating som of the common challenges for CBOW and thereby be a tool for awareness. Feedback from this research network would be much appreciated.

    The beta is available both for Android and iOS, and by registering on this link you will get an invitation to the beta testing system for a free download of the game.

    Producer Elin Festøy is also eager for all thoughts and suggestions as to how the game can be of use. She can be reached at