GPS Policy Brief: “CBOW: Between Stigmatization, Integration and Empowerment“

“Throughout history, Children Born of War (CBOW) have been born as a consequence of both sexual violence and of more or less consensual relationships in war and conflict. Nevertheless, little isknown about this group of children; although, evidence suggests that their basic human rights are violated and their integration into the post-conflict society is challenged. It is becomingincreasingly recognized at both the academic and the political level that this group of children deservesand needs targeted attention. Inthis policy brief, we will outline some of the key challenges faced by Children Born of War and suggestavenues for further research.”

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New Article: "Children Born of War Are Not the Enemy. How Can They Be Integrated into Society?"

“This year, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded jointly to the Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and the Iraqi human rights activist, and witness and survivor of human-trafficking, Nadia Murad. These two voices are an extremely important contribution to ongoing efforts to combat war-related sexual violence. We are among the many people who are delighted that the two prize-winners are getting the recognition that their courage and efforts deserve. At the same time, there are other voices that are seldom heard and who have few spokespersons. These are the voices of the children who have been conceived as the result of conflict-related sexual violence. Scarcely any statistics or overviews exist of how many children are involved, about what happens to them, and how their lives are shaped by the manner of their conception.”

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The original version in Norwegian: “De blir ofte betraktet som fiendens barn. Barna av seksuelle overgrep i krig” can be found here.


New Book: “Når krigen slutter“

By Bent Haller.

Når krigen slutter er et stykke lokal Danmarkshistorie fortalt af en af Danmarks mest elskede forfattere. Vi følger pigen Edith, der netop har fået en tjenesteplads hos mejeristen i Frederikshavn, da krigen bryder ud. Det lille samfund vågner op til en ny virkelighed, hvor alle må sno sig for at tilpasse sig besættelsesmagtens lune. Frederikshavn bliver et knudepunkt i krigen, hvor tyskerne kan transportere deres tropper videre nordpå. Edith forsøger at forsætte livet på bedste vis, hun tager ud og danser og forelsker sig. Som altid går kærligheden sine egne veje – især i krigstider. Edith forelsker sig i den østrigske soldat Helmut, hvilket får store konsekvenser for resten af hendes liv. For en dag slutter krigen, men slutter den også for Edith?”

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New Movie: Wars Don't End

“During World War II 12,000 children were born to Norwegian mothers and German soldiers. In WARS DON’T END five of these children tell their stories about lives of discrimination and abuse stemming from the choices of their mothers and the actions of their fathers. Liv Ullmann's narration binds together a horrific story that starts with Nazi soldiers being encouraged to have children with Norwegian women in order to strengthen the Aryan race. Several decades later the children break the silence, seeking justice for themselves and protection for future children born of war.”

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