WARS DON'T END, Feature Documentary, 80 min

"Wars don't end when peace treaties are signed, when pictures of jubilant soldiers or proud presidents appear under bold news-headlines. Wars continue to explode like slow bombs in the lives of many, for generations to come.

This film is the story of children born to German soldiers and mothers from occupied Norway during the Second World War whose lives were destroyed by cynicism and hatred presiding over the post war years, and who chose to fight for justice in three courts of Norway and in the highest human rights court of Europe in Strasbourg to devastating consequences.

With this documentary feature, our attempt is to shine light on the plight of every child born of war in this world by using the prism of our immediate history.

This film is in Norwegian and English with an approximate length of 80 minutes. It is written and directed by Dheeraj Akolkar, produced by Christian Falch and Torstein Parelius for UpNorth Film and is expected to release in the Autumn of 2018."